Dear Parents of IB Students:

There are many exciting events in the works at BSGE to bring parents together and to find creative ways to help the school that have been a direct result of high attendance at the last two PTA meetings. This provided us with a great opportunity to re-evaluate what was missing and we found areas that need improvement: a stronger parent culture that is active on behalf of students and faculty at BSGE and a well-organized fundraising committee. Parents who care about the IB diploma program have contacted the PTA and joined forces with the fundraising committee. This positive development has only shown how incredibly resourceful and productive we can be when parents are engaged and working collectively on behalf of our outstanding school.

No educational institution in the city can thrive without a dynamic and organized parent culture. If you look at comparable high schools, like Lehman, Brooklyn Latin, or Bronx Science, their parent associations have a healthy tradition of fundraising which draws wide participation from parents. Why? Because they love their school and they recognize its value. BSGE has kept apace and even outperformed better funded schools, without private school tuition, but it is presently limping to the finish line in the category of school spirit. Clearly, no thriving high school in New York City can provide the financial support needed beyond DOE funding without an effective fundraising campaign. Join us in our mission to raise $300,000 to support BSGE and to improve IB Teacher Training by sending 3 IB teachers to the United Nations Program for professional development; paying for extended faculty hours for grading of IB assessments; and administrative support and after-school activities.

Contribution requests have varied, but we settled on a donation amount of $700 per family/annually that is in line with fundraising requests from similar high schools. Please note that all donations are voluntary, but any help or support you give the school will help achieve its goal.

A quick reminder: The BSGE PTA is a 501(c)3 charity, so 1) all donations are tax deductible, and 2) many companies will match charitable donations from their employees, so PLEASE check with the human resources department at your company. Remember, we have two ways to give. You can donate directly at :

or by check, made out to the BSGE PTA, either via backpack or directly in the mail addressed to the BSGE PTA. Some of our parents pay in monthly installments by adding BSGE PTA as a payee on their online banking account. Thank you for helping our students and school.



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