Did you know that so far this academic year, because of your generous donations, the BSGE PTA has helped support:

  • Our math department, by purchasing a new set of calculators for classroom use?
  • Our new Photography Club, by purchasing cameras and lenses for our fledgling photographers?
  • Our boys and girls softball teams, by purchasing a pitching machine and new bats?
  • Our basketball team, by paying for gym rental and referee fees?
  • Our music program, by paying for a music instructor to teach wind instruments for our student orchestra?
  • Our Middle School Math Club, by reimbursing competition expenses?
  • Our teachers, by covering expenses for professional development, workshops, and IB conferences ?

We would also like to begin replacing aging gym equipment that our students use every day as part of BSGE’s fitness program. And we are receiving requests all the time to support additional, worthwhile programs and extra-curricular activities.

We can only support BSGE and all of its programs through parent contributions.  We are actually a little behind our pace for donations this year when compared to last year, so please consider donating to the PTA!  We urge parents to try and give $200, but any contribution will be a big help!

Please send in all donations by check only, made out to the BSGE PTA, either via backpack or directly in the mail addressed to the BSGE PTA.


Donation to the BSGE PTA

Name: ________________________________________   E-Mail:  _______________________

Child’s Name:___________________________________ Grade:________________________

Amount enclosed:__________________




We’ve made it even easier for you to donate! Help the PTA raise $15,000 by January 31 (We’re more than halfway there!) 

We know, writing checks is so yesterday! And who can find stamps these days?  So, some of our very clever parents have come to our rescue! Please click here and you will be taken directly to our donation page at
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