Download the BSGE IB Special Education Guide

The Baccalaureate School for Global Education is an IB-for-All school. It is our expectation that all students will take the IB curriculum and assessments. At BSGE, successful students are those who currently possess high scores on state tests, read for pleasure, and are hard workers.

We are actively seeking students who receive special education services to join the BSGE community. Our open house is for current 7th graders and their families to learn about the special education opportunities and services at The Baccalaureate School for Global Education.

  • An inclusive and respectful environment for all students
  • A diverse community of students with different interests and learning styles who possess a strong work ethic
  • ICT classes, an engaging curriculum, and the opportunity to earn the IB Diploma or IB Certificates
  • In-house staff knowledgeable with IEPs, SE accommodations, and related services
  • Additional support for writing and math through staff and peer tutoring
  • Easy access to guidance counselor, college advisor, and BSGE faculty
  • Strong focus on transitions from middle school to high school and high school to college
  • Personalized college and career counseling
  • A vibrant and engaged student body that develops academic skills and leadership qualities
  • Opportunities for all students to engage in the arts, athletics, and a range of extra-curricular activities
  • An active and involved parent body