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The BSGE School Profile:

Class Rank: BSGE does not rank its students due to our relatively small senior class size.

GPA: BSGE does not calculate grade point averages. We encourage colleges and universities to evaluate our students based on the Pre-IB and IB Diploma Programs grading scale of 1-7. Grade descriptors are provided with our student transcripts.

Courses: The Baccalaureate School for Global Education consists of both a Pre-IB Program (grades 7&8), the Pre-IB Diploma Program (grades 9&10) and the IB Diploma Program (grades 11&12).

Pre-IB Program, Grades 7 & 8

The Pre-IB Program prepares students for both the Diploma Program and the New York State Regents Exams. Eight subject groups form the curricular framework:
Language A – English
Language B – Mandarin
Mathematics – Pre-Algebra, Algebra
Sciences – General Science, Living Environment
Humanities – American History, Global Studies and Geography
The Arts – Music, Visual Arts
Physical Education – Health and Hygiene,
Individual and Team Sports

Pre-IB Diploma Program, Grades 9 & 10

Language A – English
Language B – Spanish or French (9th Grade Year 1, 10th Grade Year 2)
Mathematics – Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II
Sciences – Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics
Humanities – Global Historty and Geography
Physical Education – Health and Hygiene,
Individual and Team Sports

Diploma Program (DP), Grades 11 and 12

The Diploma Program is an advanced course of study leading to assessments in six academic areas:
IB English Literature (Language A)
IB French or Spanish (Language B)
IB Mathematics Standard Level or
IB Math Studies Standard Level
IB Biology or IB Chemistry Standard Level
IB History of the Americas Higher Level (Individuals and Societies/Government and Economics)
IB Program continued
Group 6: IB Computer Science Higher Level or
IB Visual Arts Higher Level
Physical Education

The academic content of the IB Diploma Program ensures that students develop mastery in the great traditions of learning: languages, humanities and the sciences. Participants are assessed by external and internal examinations, student portfolios and evaluated projects. IB Diploma candidates must also satisfy three additional components of the program: the Theory of Knowledge course and paper, a minimum of 100 hours of Creativity, Activity and Service experiences and projects as well as the Extended Essay, a research paper of 4000 words.

Percentage of Graduates admitted to four-year colleges/universities: 98%

Percentage of Eligible Students in Graduating Class that Received the IB Diploma in 2018: 87%

School Ranking: According to U. S. News and World Report’s annual report, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) ranked as the #9 high school program in the United States and the #1 in New York State (2017).

The Washington Post ranked BSGE as the 6th most challenging high school program in the Northeast (2016). The New York Post ranked BSGE as the #4 public high school in NYC (2016).

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