Summer Assignments 2014

Below are the summer assignments for each grade. Students will receive paper copies in school but you can also download copies here. They will be posted as they become available. All the assignments should be posted by Thursday, June 26.

Please note that the grades listed represent the grades students will enter in the Fall of 2014

7th Grade 

7th Grade Summer Assignment 2014

7th Grade Supply List Fall 2014

8th Grade

8th grade Summer Assignment 2014

9th Grade

9th Grade Summer Assignment 2014

10th Grade

10th Grade Summer Assignment 2014

11th Grade

11th Grade Summer Assignment 2014

12th Grade

12th Grade Summer Assignment 2014

Demystifying IB

Please plan to attend a panel discussion about the International Baccalaureate Program
at BSGE with current 12th graders and recent alums.

After an introduction about the Diploma Program with Jennifer Dikes, IB Coordinator, our seniors and alums
will answer your questions about their experiences during and after IB.

Tuesday, May 20th, 6:00-8:00 pm

Parent Teacher Conferences


Parents’ Guide to Parent – Teacher Conferences….

This guide was written to help you make the most of the Parent – Teacher Conferences.

Parent – Teacher conferences are on:

March 27, 2014:       5PM – 8PM and

March 28, 2014:        12PM – 3PM.   (Your child will be dismissed from school at 11AM).

Your child will bring home his/her progress report on March 26, 2014.   Grades on the progress report are an indication of how your child is doing in the class thus far and are not final grades for the semester or year.

If you have concerns or questions about the class, the assignments, your child’s progress or behavior, you should contact the teacher any time.