New PTA Campaign to Support Teachers!

The BSGE PTA is launching a new campaign, this one focused on our teachers!  The PTA has always supported the work of our teachers, and now we are giving you the opportunity to do so directly!  Obviously we will fund our afterschool program, but we also hope to help expand teacher training, including IB training, professional development, and training focused on the social emotional needs of our students to create classrooms more conducive to learning.  We are hoping to encourage more teachers to use Engrade to improve the connection between teachers and parents by expanding teacher access to computers.  And we also want to ensure that teachers have the supplies they need in the classroom.

Our suggested annual donation is $500, which is actually less than other comparable NYC public high schools – and please consider that BSGE provides our students with an education equivalent to that of a private school.   If you are fortunate and can give more, please do.  If $500 is difficult, please send us a smaller donation.  We are grateful for all donations.

Please join our effort (and please ask your friends and family!) by donating through this link:

or share this short link on Twitter or Facebook:

We know that many of you have appreciated the ease of donating through  The last campaign raised over $12,000!

As always:  The BSGE PTA is a 501(c)3 charity, so 1) all donations are tax deductible, and 2) many companies will match charitable donations from their employees, so PLEASE check with the human resources department at your company.  Matching is an easy way to double the impact of your contribution.  Many thanks to all the parents who have already done so!!!!


Parent’s Guide to Parent Teacher Conferences


Parents’ Guide to Parent – Teacher Conferences….

This guide was written to help you make the most of the Parent – Teacher Conferences.


Parent – Teacher conferences are on:

November 20, 2014:       5PM – 8PM and

November 21, 2014:        12PM – 3PM.   (Your child will be dismissed from school at 11AM).


Your child will bring home his/her progress report on November 19, 2014.   Grades on the progress report are an indication of how your child is doing in the class thus far and are not More…

Upcoming College Events at BSGE

Thursday, October 10th at 6:00pm–BSGE Senior Parent College Meeting 
A check-in for graduating seniors and their families regarding college admissions deadlines, admissions requirements, protocols and college support services made available for 12th graders at BSGE.

Thursday, October 24th at 6:00pm–BSGE Junior Parent College Meeting
An overview of the college admissions process, upcoming deadlines and college support services provided by BSGE for 11th graders.

Thursday, November 7th at 6:00pm–BSGE Financial Aid Night
A demystification of the financial aid process for 11th and 12th graders and their families, including clarification of financial aid applications, FAFSA and CSS Profile deadlines and how need-based and merit-based financial aid is determined.

Spring 2014 (Date TBD) at 1:00pm–College Panel for Juniors
The return of our celebrated college admissions panel for second semester 11th graders.  Representatives from a varied group of colleges and universities will speak about what they look for in applicants, the importance of college essays, standardized test scores and academic performance in admissions as well as financial aid.  Admissions counselors will also speak about their respective, unique institutions.