September 16–
Fully remote partial school days for students.
Sept 21 First full day of school
Sept 22PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Sept 28 Yom Kippur – School is closed
Oct 12 Columbus Day – School is closed
Oct 13PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Nov 3 Election Day, fully remote instructional day for all students
Nov 11 Veterans Day – School is closed
Nov Parent Teacher Conferences (evening and afternoon)
Nov 17PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Nov 26 – 27 Thanksgiving Recess – School is closed
Dec 15PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Dec 24 – Jan 1 Winter Recess – School is closed
Jan 12PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Jan 18 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – School is closed
Feb 1 Clerical Day – No students in attendance
Feb 9PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Feb 12 Lunar New Year, schools closed
Feb 15 – 19 Midwinter Recess (includes Presidents’ Day and Lincoln’s Birthday),
schools closed
Mar Parent Teacher Conferences (evening and afternoon)
Mar 9PTA meeting – 6:30pm
March 29–April
Spring Recess – School is closed
April 13PTA meeting – 6:30pm
May 11PTA meeting – 6:30pm
May 13 Eid Al-Fitr, schools closed
May 31 Memorial Day – School is closed
Jun 3 Anniversary Day – No students in attendance
Jun 8PTA meeting – 6:30pm
Jun 25 Last Day of School (Early dismissal) – End of Semester Grades Distributed