BSGE Debate Team

December 19, 2018: The BSGE debate team currently consists of 25 members and we have competed in 3 tournaments thus far. We meet every Wednesday after school until about 3.45 and we plan, debrief on tournaments or conduct practice session amongst BSGE teams.

We are currently competing in two different divisions; Novice and Junior Varsity (intermediate) in Public Forum under the New York Urban Debate League. BSGE debate teams have earned many trophies and awards in every tournament.  Sophia Rothman- Anabel Witzke earned 2nd place in Public Forum Novice,Tyra Alam – Aniyah Bernard Speller also got 2nd place in the same division the following month..and last week was our best performance so far with 5 teams receiving bids for State Championships and numerous speaker awards. 

November 3, 2018: New York City Urban Debate League
One BSGE debate team, Anabel Witzke and Sophia Rothman earned 2nd place in the Novice Public Forum Debate tournament. View results >

The following students also earned speaker awards: Anabel Witzke, Yudai Takenaka, Gregory Briggler, Lilly Sabella, Aniyah Bernard Speller, Sophia Rothman.