OPEN HOUSE — No reservations are required. Attendance is not taken at Open House events and is not a factor in admissions. The Open House includes a self-guided building walk. Current BSGE students and some faculty will be available to answer questions. Our 7th Grade Admissions Open House for the 201902020 school year is as follows:

7th Grade Applicants: Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 6:00-7:30pm

How Do I Apply to BSGE?

As a 6th grade student applying for 7th grade admissions:

  • Visit
    • In order to create a MySchools account, you will need an email address, your child’s Student ID (OSIS) number and a personalized Account Creation Code.
      • For public school families you can get your child’s Account Creation Code from your current school counselor
      • Non-public school students (private and parochial), should contact and visit your local Family Welcome Center for assistance. Be sure to bring a copy of your child’s final 5th grade report card/transcript, Terra Nova results and two documents verifying proof of address
  • When you log into MySchools, you will be able to review your child’s personal and academic information.
  • If you notice missing or incorrect information you can:
    • Public school students: Contact your child’s current school as soon as possible
    • Non-public school students: Contact your local Family Welcome Center for assistance
  • The deadline to complete this Middle School Application is December 3rd
  • For assistance in completing this process,
  • Selected students will be invited to an on-site assessment at BSGE to be conducted in January or early February.
  • Students selected to join BSGE will receive an acceptance letter in April.

Admissions Rubric

for Year 1 Pre-IB (7th grade)

The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) is a public school dedicated to the achievement of academic excellence and the development, in each student, of a positive self-image, love of learning, respect for others, and reverence for life. Our vision is the implementation of the curriculum frameworks and assessments of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in every classroom, to an ethnically, economically and intellectually diverse student body that reflects the diversity of New York City public schools.

At BSGE, our Pre-IB Diploma Program covers grades 7-10 and is based on the principles and practices of the IB Diploma Program.  The Pre-IB Diploma Program exposes students to a core curriculum that includes the following subjects: English, a foreign language (Mandarin and Spanish or Mandarin and French), humanities, science, math, visual arts, music, technology and 50-100 community and service hours.

Phase I. Applicants are grouped based on 5th grade NYS ELA and Math test

Group 1 = a minimum combined score of 8

Group 2 = a minimum combined score of 7

Group 3 = a minimum combined score of 5.5

Phase II. Invitation to participate in the interview process is based on 5th grade report card grades and attendance (max. combined points is  40) within each group.

Report Card grade of:

90-100 or 4     = 30 points

80-89 or 3       = 20 points

70-79 or 2       = 10 points


 (Days Absent + Days Late)

0-5     =                   10 points

6-10   =                     8 points

11-15 =                     4 points

16-20 =                     2 points

20+    =                     0 points

Invitation to Interview is based on point totals

Top 25% of the students in Group I

Top 50% of the students in Group II

Top 25% of the students in Group III

Phase III:  The Interview process (on-site assessment) will be conducted on January 26, 2018 and includes:

  • A timed written response and math diagnostic
  • Group interview
  • Evaluation of submitted graded test (projects are not accepted):
    • 1 graded in-class 6th grade Science test
    • 1 graded in-class 6th grade Math test and
    • 1 graded in-class 6th grade English test

Phase IV:  Students selected to join BSGE will receive a letter in April


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