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Parent Teacher Conferences – March 2019

BSGE’s Parents’ Guide to Parent – Teacher Conferences….

This guide was written to help you make the most of the Parent – Teacher Conferences.
Parent – Teacher conferences are on: 3/28/2019: 5PM – 8PM and
3/29/2019: 12PM – 2:30PM. (Your child will be dismissed from school at 10:40 AM).

Your child will bring home his/her progress report on 3/27/2019.

Grades on the progress report are an indication of how your child is doing in the class thus far and are not final grades for the semester or year.
If you have concerns or questions about the class, the assignments, your child’s progress or behavior, you should contact the teacher any time.
  • Remember that teachers have approximately 200 students and do not have time to keep every parent up -to- date. In most cases teachers will contact parents if and when a child is at risk of failing but they do expect parents to stay involved in their child’s academic progress by regularly checking their child’s planner, asking their child about the grades he/she achieved on assignments and tests or accessing the web based grading system used by the teacher (every teacher does not use a web based grading system).
  • You are always welcome to call or email teachers but remember you cannot expect them to get back to you immediately.
  • Contact information for teachers can be found on the school’s website,
What to expect:
  • Parent/teacher meetings are STRICTLY limited to a 3 minute discussion for each child. The 3 minute limit is the only way to ensure all parents get to see the teachers they want to see. Remember each child has 7 or more teachers and each teacher has many students.
  • Many teachers use a timer and have student volunteers (monitors) helping them stick to a sign-up schedule.
  • You must be available when the monitor calls your name. If you are not available when the monitor calls your name, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list.
So, you’re wondering how you can possibly address all the questions you have in 3 minutes? Here are some suggestions put together by experienced parents, teachers and school administrators that ought to help:
  • Reread all communications sent home from teachers, especially from Curriculum Night.
  • Use the teacher’s grading policy and your child’s graded assignments to try to understand your child’s grade.
  • Review your child’s planner before meeting with teachers.
  • Talk to your child about his/her progress in the class and about his/her grade.
  • If you know you have a lot to discuss, set up a separate conference with your child’s teacher.
  • Prioritize. Use your child’s Progress Report to help you decide which teachers you must see during Parent – Teacher Conference period day because you may not be able to see all of his/her teachers. If your child earned a 2 (65%) or 1 (failed) in a class go to those teachers first and sign in on their sign-in sheet.
  • If there are two parents/guardians for the child you should consider having one parent or guardian go to some of the child’s teachers while the other goes to different teachers.
  • If you don’t cover everything you wanted to cover in the 3 minutes, suggest to the teacher that you meet again or complete the conversation by phone or e-mail. Try to respect the other parents’ appointments and the teacher’s desires to give each parent a chance.
Remember that you do not need to wait for parent-teacher conferences to learn about your child’s work, teachers, curriculum, etc. Other opportunities to do this are:
  • Curriculum Night
  • E-mail
  • Notices that come home, especially at the beginning of the year
  • Your child’s planner
  • Teacher’s websites (some websites are more developed than others).
NOTE: Your child will receive a report card in June (if all text books and library books are returned and library fees paid)