Summer Art Assignment for Rising Seniors

Summer Assignment for Rising Seniors

Studio Assignment:

Create a photo series: Take a minimum of 50 new and original photos (you may use your phone) that connect to your continuing theme investigation. This includes multiple angles of the same subject. Submit 25 photos on Google classroom by the end of July. We will edit down in class and work with your best photos. The end project for this Unit will be 12 edited photos that work together visually and thematically.

For some of you this assignment is new and for other you are continuing from class. If it is new here are some things to consider:

  1. Does your photo need to involve people, inanimate objects or an environment?
  2. Does it need to include all three?
  3. Do you need to stage your shot? For example, is someone going to pose for your photos? Do you need to create a still life to photograph? Or will you take photos of your existing environment?

 Written Assignment:

Museum Trip and Exhibition Review:

Visit one of the following NYC photo exhibitions:

International Center for Photography, 250 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

Magnum Manifesto May 26, 2017 – Sep 03, 2017

Metropolitan Museum of Art – NYC, Irving Penn Centennial, ends July 30


Or you may also go to one of the following Photography Art Galleries:


Aperture Gallery

Bonnie Benrubi Gallery


Howard Greenberg Gallery


Write a two page paper, double spaced, using 12 pt. font Times New Roman

  • What do you notice about the way that the artworks are displayed in the gallery?
  • What caught your attention? Why? (List artists whose work is included in the gallery)
  • What connections do you notice between the artworks that you viewed?
  • What do you think the curator wanted you to notice?
  • Summarize your understanding of the artworks. Talk about subject matter, composition, lighting and your interpretation of the works. Then give a possible justification for the arrangement?