Summer Art Assignment for Rising 11th Grade Students

10th Grade Summer Assignment for 11th grade

 Studio Assignment:

 This is the beginning of choosing our 11th grade IB investigation. Think about the genres we talked about in class and how you would narrow it down to your specific filter. 

Create two pages of drawings for your tentative 11th grade artwork investigation. You should have a minimum of 4 drawings arranged in an organized layout. You may use thumbnail sketches, 4 small compositional studies, or the same subject from different angles.

See example here (Hard copy given out in class):

Your first Unit project when you return will be a charcoal drawing.

Written Assignment:

 Artwork Analysis Pages –

Choose an artwork that you feel relates to you investigation. You are not choosing the work based on technique or art medium. Instead you are looking for someone who is working under a genre and/or filter that you are also interested in.

Include three pictures in your paper. Follow the attached template.

See template here (Hard copy given out in class):