Curriculum Night Monday, November 5th

ATTENTION:  Curriculum Night

November 5th

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Curriculum night is intended to give all BSGE parents an opportunity to come to the school and meet with their child’s teacher.  This evening is intended just for parents.


How will the night work?

Parents will receive a schedule of their child’s courses.  Each “stream” of parents will run through their children’s full schedule over the course of the evening, so it is important that parents arrive on time.  Teachers will present a brief overview of each class, including course description, homework, class expectations, any major projects, and year-end tests (regents and IB exams).

While there may be time for general questions, this event is NOT designed to answer questions about individual students.  Curriculum night is being spearheaded and hosted by the teachers in any effort to improve communication with parents and better serve all the students of BSGE.  Please show your support for this teacher-initiated evening!

There will also be school fundraising opportunities.